Model praised for sharing what her skin really looks like without any lighting or makeup

A model has been praised for sharing images of what her skin looks like without any fancy lighting or makeup.

Kenz Lawrén, a Select Miami model who has been the face of a number of prestigious beauty campaigns, has built a following of more than one million people on her TikTok ( @kenzlawren ) with her empowering body positivity videos.

In one video, the “CEO of #ModelTok,” as she is best known, took her followers behind-the-scenes, to show the reality of what her skin looks like before and after makeup.

Showing bumps and redness on her face, she says: “The reality of it my skin looks like this sometimes and in photos, it looks like this.”

The model adds: “Sometimes I get on set and my hair is super-dry and then the photos turn out like this,” as she shows a picture of her looking flawless.

In another clip, Kenz is showing off her bouncy glossy waves and says: “Everybody already knows that we use fancy expensive equipment and you can even have assistants holding giant fans so we can get movement in our hair.

“Then we go through thousands of photos to get the perfect shot.

“But even though everybody knows this, I think seeing it has a way bigger impact than just hearing about it because this is what my skin looks like.

“Not even makeup can hide everything and it doesn’t last all day either.”

Kenz adds: “I remember as a kid I used to walk into those makeup stores and be like ‘Oh my God how can I look like them’ [the models].

“Well I am that girl now and this is what the reality of it is.”

Since being posted, the video has been liked more than 190,000 times and has received almost 2,000 comments from people who applauded her and were empowered to show their own skin.

One person said: “Thank you, honey. I worked in movies and television and modelled in my younger days… This stuff is sooooo true!”

Another wrote: “I’m 30 and I feel like this is the first time I’ve heard an actual model say all this.”

A third commented: “WHAT A NECESSARY VIDEO.”

Someone else said: “Thank you for sharing this. So many people work hard to achieve perfection but it’s unattainable. Nothing is perfect.”