4 Simple Ways to View Unread Mail Messages in Gmail

If your inbox is overflowing with incoming mails, you may prefer to scan through important email messages and read them first. While this is a very quick method over a period of time you will have tons of unread email messages in your inbox.

What’s frustrating about these mails is the fact that these will be mixed in with your read mails and will therefore take lot of your time if you decide to sort them out individually. Well with these four simple ways to auto sort your unread Gmail messages, you won’t have to.

How to View Only Unread Email Messages in Gmail

Method 1: Search Your Unread Mails

To search unread mails in your Gmail account , all you need to do is type is: unread in the search box. It will bring up all the unread chat logs, mails and archived mails.

To view the unread emails from your inbox only, use the in: operator as well. The search query would be is:unread in:inbox

You can also use label:unread to filter all the unread emails in your account.

Method 2: Use the Quick Links Gmail Labs Feature

Quick Links are like mini bookmarks for your Gmail account. Here is how you can do use Quick Links to view Unread Mails in Gmail.

Step 1: Click on Gears Icon >  Labs

Step 2: Type Quick  in the Labs Search box and enable the Quick Links feature.

Step 3: Perform a search with your preferred search query to view unread messages as mentioned in Method 1. Once you have the search results Click on Add a Quick Link.

Step 4 :Name the query Unread  and Click Ok to Save.

From now on , you will just need to click  “Unread” under Quick links button to show up all your unread mails in Gmail.

Method 3: Use More Search Options

Click on Show Search Option next to Search Box.

Now Select Unread Mail from the Search Drop Down and Click Submit. The main benefit of this method is that you can easily narrow down your search without knowing the required search operators. For e.g. you can easily find out unread emails with attachment before 1st January 2011.

Method 4: Use Priority Inbox Feature

This is more of a permanent fix in the sense that you don’t have to enter the search terms over and over again.  Here is how you can do it

Step 1: Click on the Gears Icon on Top Right hand corner of your Gmail page > Mail Settings > Inbox

Step 2: You have plenty of options here.  If you are just looking to filter unread mails, select Unread First from the Inbox type.  This will bring up a few more options

Step3: Now Click on Options next to Unread and select the number of unread mails you want to see at a time and Hide this section when Empty.

Step 4: Click on Save Changes button.

So these were the four simplest ways by which you can easily view unread mails in your Gmail inbox.

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