Is Your Gmail Account Hacked ? How can you Tell Your Gmail Account is Hacked

If you are not careful your Gmail account can be accessed by anyone and all the information could be used against you. Technically your Gmail Account has been hacked .

You should know that Gmail is one of largest email server in the world used by millions every day. With all the features and functions Gmail provides, it is bound to be used by business around the world.

If all the major business around the world use it for their employees, then it could be potentially a source of quite a lot of data.

Most of the Gmail users try to use only basic security features, common passwords which is definitely a bad thing to store loads of data. You should keep your account secure with best passwords which should be near-impossible to crack and also use the security features like 2 Factor Authentication also called as 2FA in Gmail to protect your Data.

If you think your Gmail Account security has been breached then you can follow these basic steps to ensure you stick on to your Account.

How you can test to see if your Gmail account has been hacked.

1. Click the Avatar on far right side of your Window.

Log into your personal Gmail Account or a business Gmail account, and click the Account Avatar on the far right side of the screen.

You should see your personal avatar in case you have set one for the account. if you did not set anything then you will see the colored circle with your first initial in it.

Click the My Account from the pop up menu just like below.

2 .  Go to Sign In and Security

As soon as you click the My Account above you will be greeted with a page like this, which is My Account Homepage.

Select the first option of Sign-In and Security

This will then take you to the third page, where you need to click on left side link of Device Activity and Notifications.

3. Check your Device Activity and Notifications

On the Device Activity and Notifications page, you can easily check the activity status of your Gmail Account.

If your Recent Security Events box show ” You have No Recent Security Events “, you can be sure that your account has not been hacked but if it shows any other notification then you should be careful.

There will be devices which are using your Google Account and if you do not recognize any of the devices you own adding then you should remove the device.

4.  Security Check Up

Google will try to communicate with you in case of any sign in attempt of your Google Account, in case that is not authorized. It is always a good practice to update the account security information in order to secure your account.

Therefore the last thing to secure your Google Account would be to perform a Security Check Up where you can change your Password and add recovery information.

You can always check your connected devices and if you do not recognize any device then remove them from here . These can be all the smartphones and computers including laptops you used to log into your Gmail or Google Account.  You will also get the date, time and the place you used to log into your account.

You should also check the account permission that you have given to various apps or websites to access your contacts or any thing related to your Google Account data. In case you do not remember adding any of the apps or websites then you should remove them at once.

With 2FA or 2 Factor Authentication or 2-Step Verification, you can grant different devices different passwords, and in case you have provided any device with a password and you are not using that device anymore then remove that device.

Last but not least , you should check your 2-Step Verification Settings , whether they are up to date or not.

Conclusion : 

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