How to Create Filter to View Unread Mails in Gmail

In our previous article we discussed the four simplest ways to view unread mails in Gmail account. The methods included using search operators,labs add-ons and priority inbox. Today we will discuss a slightly advanced way of viewing unread mails in Gmail.

We will learn how to  create an effective filter that can search for unread emails in our account. For this method to work we will first need to create a label and then mark our searched mails with that labels.

The most annoying part of this method is that the label with stick to the searched mails even after you read them.

Step 1: Click on Labels in Gmail Bar > Manage Labels

Step 2: Under Labels Option Click on Create New Label.

Step 3: Give a name to your Label and Click Create. I named mine Annoying Unread.

 Step 4: Click on Create a Filter next to Search Box.

Step 5: In the “To” box type “me

& In the “Has the Words” type “label:unread” and click Test Search.

Step 6: Click Next Step.  Gmail will warn you that filter search containing “label:” will never match an incoming mail. Simply ignore it and click Ok to move ahead.

Step 7: Check the box next to Apply the label and Select the label you created in Step 3  from the drop down.


Check the box next to “Also apply the filter to x conversations below” and click Create Filter.

We are done. Now you can easily find out unread mails just by clicking the label link in the left navigation options.

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