7 Gmail Hidden Features that you Should Always Use

Since it’s inception in 2003, Google Email or better known as Gmail is a widely used email service. It comes with lots of features that makes managing emails easier along with high security and privacy protection options.

Some of the Hidden Features in Gmail which you might not be aware of

1 Identification of Email Subscription

There are some spam email lists that do not unsubscribe you even when you click UnSubscribe Button in the email or directly on website. To tackle this you can always use your Gmail’s help.

2. Synchronization of Contacts

If you use any Android based smartphone and you have contacts in your Gmail, you will find the contacts list updated in your smartphone. This is synchronization of contacts between devices which Gmail does and with this feature you will never loose your contacts even if you loose your smartphone or change your smartphone.

3. Contact Restore Feature

As soon as you delete a contact from your smartphone and sync it with Gmail, the contact should also be deleted from Gmail. Gmail gives you and option of recovering the contact in 30 days of deletion .

4. Spam Hiding Capabilities

The Email catching bots have developed over time and Gmail has evolved as well. If you add dots between your characters in email address, the email will still be delivered to you but you can delete any spam Email.

This inclusion of dot feature till date is not used by any othe email service provider.

5 Labs Features

Gmail comes with some of the experimental features. These are developmental features only and can be removed anytime.

Because of Labs you can enabled Canned Response, you get Mark as Read Button, Multiple Inboxes,Change your Preview Pane, You can even move the chat box to the right hand side of the inbox.

6. Merge Contacts

If you have duplicate Contacts you can merge all of them in the Gmail Contacts. As soon as you open Contacts from the drop down on the left side of your screen, your contacts will open in new window.

You can manage your Google Contacts and do much more to your contacts from here. The second image is the new Google Contacts here and the third image is old Google Contacts.

7. Google Calendar

Since Android Smartphones naively use Google account and share almost each and data with Gmail so you can also update your Calendar on your Smartphone and it gets updated in your Google Account as soon as you Sync.

You can also send calender events to your friends via email and also share it with other friends. Your friends can also share their calenders with you on the web as well as your smartphone.

So these are the 7 hidden features of your Gmail Account which you should use. Which of these features were you using and how, we would love to know in the comments.

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