How to Forward Gmail Emails to another Account

If you have multiple Gmail accounts like I do, you would understand the inconvenience that I have to bear to check each mail account individually. While Gmail Multiple account login has helped the matters a bit, I still have to sign into all my email accounts one after the other.


But Hey wait! There is a better solution that lets you manage all your email accounts from one place. It involves forwarding all your Gmail mails to one email account. It works like RSS Aggregator that aggregates all your mail from different account into one account.

How to forward Gmail Emails to another account.

Step 1: Login into both your accounts. You can use separate browsers/Private browsing if you want to forward from oneGmail account to other.

Steps for Gmail Account from which email will be forwarded

Step 2: At the top right hand corner of any Gmail Page Click Gears Icon> Mail Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP .

Step 3:  Under Forwarding Heading Click on Add a forwarding address

Step 4: Fill in the email address you want to forward your emails to and click next.

Gmail will verify your ownership of the account you are forwarding emails to by sending a verification mail.

Step 5: Go to your other email account. You should have received the confirmation mail. The email has a verifying code and verification link. You can use either of them to verify your ownership.

Step 6: After the verification, enable the radio button “Forward a copy on incoming mail “and select you mail account from drop down.  You will also have to choose what do with the emails in your current account. You have following options.

  • Keep the mails copy in inbox
  • Mark the copy as read
  • Archive Gmail copy
  • Delete Gmail Copy

Select either of these as per your preference and click Save Changes.

Step 7 :When done, Gmail will display the information that you are forwarding all your email to another address. This information should disappear after about a week.

This is how you can easily forward your Gmail Emails to another Account. This tutorial was based on forwarding your emails from Gmail to Gmail.

You can use the same process to transfer your Gmail emails to Yahoo Mail or Hotmail.

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