How to View Unread Email in Gmail App for Android

Google believes it is faster to find an Email by searching. As such, it primarily uses Search Feature instead of Sort to find and categorize the messages of interest. In our earlier articles, we have discussed how you can use advanced search and filter techniques to view unread mails in a web based environment

Advances Search and Filters are not currently available in Gmail App for Android. To view unread mails in Gmail, we will have to rely on the easiest method – The Basic Search.

Here is how you can use basic search option to view unread mails in your Gmail App for Android

1: While in Gmail App, Tap on the Search Icon (Magnifying Glass Icon) on the top of Screen

2: Type “is:unread” without quotes and hit the search or Go Icon. Gmail will show all the unread messages sorted by date i.e. in the order they came into your inbox ( Newest Message first)

3: The best part is that, GMail saves your searches for future so the next time you need to view your unread mails, it will be faster and you can simply start typing “is:” and tap on the appropriate option to find the desired results.

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